1509/08/2017Tendar Notification for books printing.Download
1403/08/2017स्टेशनरी एवं सफाई सामग्री क्रय हेतु निविदा की शर्ते एवं प्रपत्र |Download
1303/08/2017बिजली (विद्युत्) सामग्री क्रय हेतु निविदा की शर्ते एवं प्रपत्र |Download
1203/08/2017कागज (पेपर) प्रिंटिंग प्रेस सामग्री क्रय हेतु निविदा की शर्ते एवं प्रपत्र |Download
1124/06/2017Tender for Security & Housekeeping work.Download
1025/05/2017Tender for Post Examination Processing work.Download
903/01/2017Tender Notice For purchasing envelop .Download
812/07/2016Tender Notice For Paper & Printing Press Material .Download
712/07/2016Tender Notice For Stationary & other Material .Download
627/05/2016Tender forconstruction of canteen & Parking Shed , Garage for LMV & Garage for MMV.Download
525/05/2016Tender for Pre & Post Examination Processing work.Download
425/05/2016डिग्री पेपर क्रय एवम मुद्रण कार्य हेतु निविदा |Download
301/05/2016Tender notice for used paper.Download
212/01/2016Tendar Notification for Rack Server.Download
113/11/2015Expression Of Interest for Empanelment of Architect/Architectural Firm for Specialized Construction Projects in the PSSOU Campus.Download